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Individual Psychotherapy
   ▷ Adults and Adolescents
Couples Therapy
Walking Therapy
   ▷ Walking and Talking
Psychological Testing:
   ▷ Corporate and Individual
Clinical Supervision
   ▷ For Columbia doctoral students as well as private practitioners
Mindfulness Training
   ▷ Group and individual
   ▷ Read more about Mindfulness Training
   ▷ Mindfulness and Attention Training for grades K-8
   ▷ Read more about Peacetime

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Areas of Expertise Include
   ▷ Substance misuse and eating disorders
   ▷ Depression, anxiety and feeling "stuck"
   ▷ Sex, gender, and relational difficulties
Treatment Modalities
   ▷ Relational psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for individuals and couples
   ▷ Mindfulness training